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A Guide to Buying Swing Sets

Swing sets are a great investment for your children, but it can also be a somewhat confusing experience, with so many different choices available out there. Swing sets come in all sizes and shapes, each meant for a different type of experience. Finding the right swing set for your child or children can take a little time. This guide may give you some valuable insight into the swing set buying ordeal. It may also save you some money and potential frustration.

Swing sets are a wonderful thing to buy for your children. Good swing sets will promote exercise, get your children outdoors, and give them a better sense of coordination and stamina. It is important, however, to find the right swing set for your children. Swing sets come primarily in three possible materials, made out of metal, plastic, or wood. Metal swing sets are largely a thing of the past, but can still be found in lower end models. Metal swing sets are typically fairly light and can be more easily tipped over. Plastic swing sets can be found that would be more appropriate for small children and toddlers. A solidly built wooden swing set is the best choice for larger children.

Swing sets made out of wood are typically built with either redwood or cedar. Redwood and cedar are used because they can resist the elements for a long time. Expect good swing sets made out of these materials to last at least a decade in good condition. Solidly built wooden swing sets are best for older children because they are heavy and will not tip over or move as children play on them. When shopping for swing sets, be sure to gauge the heaviness and sturdiness of the product. If it looks flimsy, or as though it might tip over, keep looking. Good swing sets will have a thick and heavy frame that should not budge no matter what children do while they are on it.

Shopping at a store is definitely one option, but also take a look online to see what some of the major brands like Rainbow or Playnation have to offer. Online vendors will typically allow you to build your own swing sets through modular components that can be connected together. This is a great way to let your children have a hand in designing their own swing set. The building options usually allow you to connect swings, slides, walls, sandboxes, and more together in different ways. Add free shipping to this, and shopping online may really be the most attractive option available.

Before you purchase any swing set, be sure to go online and have a look at reviews of the product. This is a good way to make sure you are not buying a substandard product that may end up falling apart or harming your children. Some manufacturers may attempt to save money by using lower quality wood or other materials.

Swing sets may cost as little as $600, or can be found in the range of several thousand dollars. The simpler sets may be something that you can put togother in about five hours. The more expensive and involved sets, however, may take several weekends to build. To save yourself a good deal of time, consider hiring someone to put the swing set together. Especially with the more complicated sets, you may be very glad that you did. Hiring someone to put the set together for you may cost a few hundred dollars, but it is probably well worth it in time saved.

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